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10 HILARIOUS Carolina Reaper Challenge Videos

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While we don’t recommended taking the Carolina Reaper Challenge with a fresh Carolina Reaper Pepper (Official World’s Hottest Pepper), but if you do, record it and upload it to the internet so we can laugh at your expense. You may end up like the people in these videos.

However, if prepared with a meal or made into a hot sauce, powder, or flakes the Carolina Reaper is extremely delicious and adds the perfect kick to any dish.

We at PepperHead have created our own challenge!

It’s called the PepperHead Challenge and unlike all these other challenges, this one actually has a prize!

A FREE PepperHead T-Shirt!

All you need to do is eat one of our dried Carolina Reaper peppers on camera and we ship you a T-shirt completely free. Read the complete rules

Did you know you can grow your own Carolina Reaper Plant at home and challenge your own friends to the Reaper Challenge? Buy seeds, plants or powder from us! PepperHead!

$10.00 $8.95
$35.00 $24.95


Without further ado, here are the 10 HILARIOUS Carolina Reaper Challenge Videos.

#1.  These girls eat the Carolina Reaper (They had no idea what they were getting into)

#2.  Good Mythical Morning takes on the Reaper

#3.  Hot Chick shows these men how to eat a Carolina Reaper


#4.  EpicFiveTV pays people to do the Carolina Reaper Challenge and its too funny!

#5. The Dudesons add a Russian Roulette twist to the Reaper Challenge 

#6.  A group of College Students in Hawaii eat The Carolina Reaper.

#7.  Here is one brave kid (jump to 5:40 for the action)

#8.  Two Chicks eat the Reaper

#9. Ann feels the wrath of the Carolina Reaper

#10. This Red Neck Eats 3 Reapers then washes it down with FIREBALL! Can you say PAIN?

Do you want to be on this list? Make a video taking the PepperHead Challenge and let us know in the comments!!

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  • 231

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6 thoughts on “10 HILARIOUS Carolina Reaper Challenge Videos

  1. Michael Skopetos says:

    Jayzus! What were these things put on earth for? Best vid I ever saw. He guzzled Fireball but gave it right back up. Doubt he had any effect from the whiskey. You the MAN!

  2. Bel says:

    Ever since my friend gave birth to her second child she found she is no longer affected by chillies. Recently i watched her eat a Carolina reaper straight off the plant (another friend grows them) and she was completely unfazed. She sat and chewed it for at least 10 mins and kept poking out her chilli covered tongue to prove it. Is this normal? Lol We convinced a guy at the house to try it too but he only bit off the tiniest bit and was instantly affected, eyes watering and vomiting so I know they’re hot.