Updated for 2018 – Hottest Pepper

PepperHead® has the most up-to-date list of the World’s Hottest Peppers. The previous world champion, Moruga Scorpion has been dethroned!!

The new Guinness World Records World’s Hottest Pepper is the Carolina Reaper. On November 20, 2013 the Carolina Reaper was given the title as the Hottest Pepper in the World.

There have been recent reports of a Dragon’s Breath pepper claiming to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper. This has been found to be hoax and the person in question used someone else’s plants and used fake results. It was a publicity stunt which the “news” websites ate up, even claiming the pepper could kill you. Technically a pencil can kill you too…

Another pepper claiming to be TWICE as hot as the Carolina Reaper has surfaced, but this might have more merit. Pepper X. However, we will have to wait and see if this one is real before adding to our Top 10 list.

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Top Ten Hottest Peppers In The World 2018

SHU = Scoville Heat Unit (A measure of Spiciness)

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1. Carolina Reaper 2,200,000 SHU

Carolina Reaper - Hottest Pepper The Carolina Reaper is officially the Worlds Hottest Pepper as ranked by Guinness Records. There is nothing normal about this pepper. It was bred for heat and that it is, with an average SHU of over 1.5 million and peaks at 2.2 Million SHU!

Just looking at it, you know its one mean pepper. The Carolina Reaper has a unique stinger tail that is unlike any other pepper.

It gets this insane heat from being a cross between a Pakastani Naga and a Red Habanero. Oddly enough this pepper doesn’t just have heat, but excellent flavor as well.

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Hilarious video of these girls eating The Carolina Reaper!

Watch these girls try to eat the infamous Carolina Reaper. They may be over-reacting a tad, but entertaining nevertheless.

10 Even more Hilarious Video Reactions to Eating the Carolina Reaper

You can now buy the reaper as powder, live plants or seeds so you can grow your own plant and try for yourself.

2. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 2,009,231 SHU

Moruga Scorpion Straight from the depths of hell, Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend, AKA Moruga Scorpion, is a rare sought after pepper that was only just recently discovered.

Native to the lands of Moruga in Trinidad and Tobago. Once you take a bite of this formidable pepper the heat never stops building.

This pepper may be lacking the Reaper’s stinger, but don’t let that fool you. The Moruga Scorpion is every bit as hot as The Carolina Reaper.

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3. 7 Pot Douglah 1,853,936 SHU

7 Pot Douglah Well renown in the pepper community as one of the hottest peppers with the best flavor. This is the hottest pepper you can find that isn’t red.

The hottest “superhot” peppers are traditionally red, but the Douglah defies the odds by being brown AND scortching hot.

You can’t go wrong with fresh, dried, or powdered Douglah on any food. Also known as 7 Pod Douglah, Chocolate 7 Pod or the 7 Pot Brown.

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4. 7 Pot Primo 1,469,000 SHU

7 Pot Primo The 7 Pot Primo is very distinctive with its long skinny “tail”. Created by horticulturist, Troy Primeaux, and some recent peppers cultivators have tried to replicate this look because the tail is just terrifying.

When you just look at this pepper, you know it’s going to be INSANELY hot. It coincidentally looks strikingly similar to The Carolina Reaper…

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5. Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” 1,463,700 SHU

Butch-T-Header Previous Guinness World Record Holder (2011) from Australia. No doubt it’s insanely hot, but other peppers have been proven to be hotter. It’s aptly named due to the scorpion stinger found at the tip of the pepper and also the creator, Butch Taylor.

The burn from this pepper is unlike any other. The Butch T burns like you swallowed a 1,000 suns.

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6. Naga Viper 1,349,000 SHU

Naga Viper Extremely rare pepper cultivated in the UK. Hybrid of many different peppers and years of cross pollination created this variety of “Super HOT” pepper. It was never fully stabilized before being released so pod variation is expected.

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7. Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) 1,041,427 SHU

Ghost Pepper The most famous “Super Hot” due to the amount of press it has received in the past. It exploded in popularity on YouTube and other social sites where pepperheads eat whole Ghost Peppers as part of a challenge.

This is the first pepper to scientifically test over 1 million scovilles. Many mistakenly still believe it is the World’s Hottest. As you can see, it is far from it.

This isn’t 2007. If you have friends that still think the Ghost Pepper is the hottest pepper, share this page with them.

However, don’t be fooled by how low this is on the list as it can still bring a grown man to his knees.

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Kid swallows ghost pepper, instantly regrets it.

8. 7 Pot Barrackpore ~1,000,000 SHU

Barrackpore The 7 Pot Barrackpore is one of the hottest of the 7 Pot peppers. This one is from the Town of Chaguanas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Many of these “super hots” come from this region.

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9. 7 Pot Red (Giant) ~1,000,000 SHU

7 Pot Red The 7 pots were named after their ability to heat up 7 pots of stew and that it does! (other varieties include Jonah and Yellow)

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10. Red Savina Habanero 500,000 SHU

Red Savina Back in the early years of super hots, the Red Savina Habanero was KING! He has since been dethroned and many peppers have passed him in heat.

The Red Savina just barely makes the Top 10, but does so in fashion with its great flavor and extreme heat.

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101 thoughts on “Top 10 World’s Hottest Peppers

  1. Ramesh says:

    Respected sir
    I want to grow jolakia in my green house how much seed I need and spacing details water, humidity etc and cost of seed

          • David Daniel Milton says:

            not entirely accurate, some people just have a higher resistance to capsicum then others, I can eat reapers raw all day long, but for some reason ghost peppers get me. I still feel it, not hot to me just super uncomfortable.

          • David says:

            From what I understand according to the book, “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” people with certain blood types can handle the heat of peppers better than others. I have type A+ and I can barely handle a Habanero which is number 10 down the list. There are other people I know with different blood types who can eat much hotter peppers without a problem. Just an observation.

  2. Cole Montelongo says:

    Looking for a stable line of genetics, preferably a landrace, with great smoky flavor. Heard the Brown Moruga or Chocolate Bhut Jolokia may be what I need. Which is a more uniform, time tested crop?

    • PepperHead says:

      Cole, the Chocolate Bhut Jolokia is definitely more stable, but I believe the Brown Moruga is superior in flavor and heat.

      I don’t know of any peppers that have a smokey flavor off the top of my head, but you can easily add that flavor by the method of cooking. Quickly grilling them or even smoking these peppers will give you the flavor you desire. Grilled or smoked peppers are amazing by the way.

      • Philip Whisler says:

        I’ve eaten a lot of hits but for heat/flavor the Brown Moruga (IMO) is the absolute best! Very prolific grower too. Dries well when cut in half. Does not completely wreck ones innards.

    • Shut Shu says:

      That’s amazing! I wish I knew more of that story. Did mom and dad say “don’t eat those”! and realize after you love them? Kids are crazy!

      • lol says:

        bhut jolokia chili pepper, also known as the ghost pepper, and according to Dr. Paul Bosland, the man who discovered it, enough of this pepper in a short period of time can surely kill you. … One does not need to nessesarily eat a ghost pepper to feel capsaicin’s wrath.

  3. Lawnik says:

    I ate the smallest crumb I could break off of a dried Carolina Reaper. It crippled my whole mouth for roughly an hour! What an experience, 10/10 would eat molten lava again! Maybe… if I have a spare hour, alone, with nobody to talk to.

    • curly says:

      Well my bosses daughter ate a ghost pepper like a champ and told her dad she wanted to eat the hottest, I told her if she can eat one I’ll eat two well there growing now I can’t wait

    • mk says:

      i am in iowa, ames iowa area, a store called Theisens sells reaper plants each year about 8inches tall, reapers, butch t’s and ghost have purchased and grown all 3 for thee years now. dry and grind them up for DEATH POWDER have about 3 lbs of it.

      • Kevin says:

        That’s awesome. I do the same up here in Toronto 😛 I got sick of ordering terrible tasting or weak suicide wings, so I just bring my poder with me. Pineapple curry death wings for the win. lol

        • David Daniel Milton says:

          Kevin if you are willing to drive to Ottawa there is a store on the lower level of the bayshore mall that sells really well made mashes and sauces with reapers, I actually have a reaper sauce that has Serrano, reaper, cayenne, ghost, and ancho chilies in it. it has a bit of cumin in it, super great on tacos and mesoamerican foods. they have a pretty decent taste bar too, and a fridge with as much milk as you can handle. I take my 3 year old in there and she downs jalapeno and habanero pepper sauces like a champ, love my kids ability to handle hot stuff!

    • mk says:

      i am in iowa, ames iowa area, a store called Theisens sells reaper plants each year about 8inches tall, reapers, butch t’s and ghost have purchased and grown all 3 for thee years now. dry and grind them up for DEATH POWDER have about 3 lbs of it.

  4. terry says:

    t grow the reapers this is my 4th year use the new seeds from the ones i grew last year they get hotter every year nothing to mess with if you can’t handle the burn

  5. Snowflake says:

    I was wondering how high would the birds eye chilli be on a top 100 list because I got a bush tucker trial kit and my mouth was burning and I couldn’t speak for about 30 minutes

  6. Yoanna says:

    If we are talking about non-hybrid peppers, Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) are still the hottest, most of the peppers are genetically modified (hybrid) to make it even more hotter. Keep up the good work guys 😉

  7. Dennis says:

    A young lady and I was challenged to eat
    The Caroline Reaper We eat three A piece this was like having a fire in you mouth it burn my tonsils and throat I was sick the next 8 hrs thank goodness for milk and ice cream

    • Bob says:

      Probably all of them with Indonesia being very fertile land. If you throw a orange seed or jackfruit seed in your garden you’ll see a tree appear

      • Robert says:

        Difficult to grow in the western part of Indonesia due to the high rainfall and humidity. I have habaneros jolokias and Carolina reapers growing but it took forever to get some strong plants.

  8. Shut Shu says:

    Check out this story. Man hadn’t prepared himself for the ghost pepper! Hole in throat? Yikes! I’ll pass on the top 10 peppers, thanks.

  9. Andrew says:

    Reaper has great flavour unlike some chillies that are all about heat for example bhut jolokia are quite warm but to me there is only heat and very little flavour

    • Philip says:

      Who needs flavor when you have HEAT?? I add the flavor or add the pepper to the foods I eat for the heat not for the flavor. LOL

    • Andrew Young says:

      Completely agree. Heat for the sake of heat is lame. Love the heat, but if the flavor isn’t there, you can keep it.

    • PepperHead says:

      As of right now, the rating hasn’t been verified or accepted by Guinness World Records, so the Carolina Reaper stands at #1. For now…

      • wayne chapman says:

        yeap for now, But I did read the artical and it sounds like the dragons breath wont be public for a while cause of med resherch.

  10. Jonas Voll says:

    Hey, pepper head!
    What pepper do you recommend for pest control in my garden?
    Looking for low maintenance, fast growing, & I live by a wooded place with much wild life!

    • PepperHead says:

      Well growing peppers won’t be a pest control in itself, in fact peppers are plagued by the same pests as any other plants like aphids, white fly, nematodes, mites and more!

      And if you are looking to deter mammalian pests, then you’d have to grow the peppers and blend up the fruit and spread over your garden. You could also dehydrate the peppers and grind for easier dusting of your garden.

      Superhots are not known for being fast growing. For leisure (and fast) growing, I would suggest your standard orange habaneros.

      • Rodman says:

        Grind your hot peppers up and add to either some left over dish water or water with dish soap and spray the mixture over the garden. deters most insects and mammals, especially after the first bite or two by the mammals. Also for the mammals hang moth balls in and around the garden.

  11. Sassan says:

    My name is Sassan, I am looking for the hottest pepper in the world. Per this document the Carolina Reaper is the hottest pepper in the world. What I do with is I pickle the pepper with half good love oile and half good whisky, I mixed in a jar and store it in the refig for couple of weeks and then I have my own made hot sauce. So what I am looking for is a bag of the hottest pepper. Can tell me where I can get the hottest pepper in the world?

    Thank you,

  12. Jamie Mcaloon says:

    Yous seriously have to update your list your missing the komodo Dragon pepper whats the world’s third hottest chilli and few others from the uk that are hotter than the ghost pepper.

  13. Calphonius says:

    This list is outdated, the spiciest pepper is the dragonsbreath, clocking in at 2.48 million SHU. Just so ya know.

    • PepperHead says:

      This has not been confirmed and is still rumors at this point. All of the “news” articles are based off unsubstantiated evidence.

      • Brian of Nazareth says:

        The Dragon’s Breath pepper reportedly checks in at 2.48 million Scovilles. However, Pepper X (Google it for more info) apparently beats that with a reported Scoville rating of 3.18.

        The Dragon’s Breath cultivators claim that it can be lethal, but I don’t buy that any more than Pepper X could kill you. Still, such claims pale when compared to the Merciless Peppers of Quetzalacatenango… grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum. Now we’re talkin’ lethal!!

  14. Greg says:

    Carolina Reaper actually has very good taste. It is over the top hot though. But different from the Ghost, its heat kicks in a few seconds later, so you get the nice taste first. Ghost is hot, but not where the Reaper stands.

  15. Welsh says:

    The hottest chilli to date is from Wales, it’s called ‘The Dragon’s Breath’ which has a value of 2,480,000 SHU

  16. Jim says:

    I live in Ohio and can my hot peppers and make some into powder I am looking to grow the Hottest ones that I can which do you recommend for my state?

  17. de johnson says:

    Hi this is my first attempt at growing chillies. I have thriving trinidad scorpians, trinidad morugo, dorset nagas and scotch bonnets. I mixed mature horse manure to the well drained soil in a sun trap. the plants have a lot of half grown fruits with loads of budding fruits.
    I feed once a week with a tomartoe feed t looks like that the weather is changing a lot in england.

  18. Brian says:

    There is an as yet “undiscovered” pepper on the Indonesian Island of Sumba, that makes all of these look like baby food. It is a tiny birds eye type chilli, measuring less than 1 cm in length and about 1.5-2 mm in diameter. Just one of these added to a large pot is enough to give someone like me serious heartburn and ring sting, and I can eat Jalapenos like candy. If you put it in your mouth it is like being stung by a swarm of hornets, bees and wasps all at once.

    The locals eat them with everything. My wife is from there and says the Caroline Reaper “doesn’t have any taste” and isnt spicy enough, because she is used to these little evil beasts straight from hell.

  19. JIM CAVINESS says:


    • PepperHead says:

      You can grow these superhots indoors in the winter, but you would need grow lights. These plants can’t survive outside in freezing temperatures. December and January is a good time to start these plants indoors and transplant outside after the last chance of freeze.

      • dood says:

        are you sure that is true?
        i’m not sure it is,plus i think that in the future, they might breed cal.reaper with ghost pepper to make a new pepper

  20. Laschana says:

    These are some hot peppers, but not as hot as the cherry pepper lol cant believe ytou kipped over it lol olol yuh. fuk peppers eat cranberiirs

    by and by put some of these hotties on your lasanga and it will suck, just like eating these in general and even looking at them make me puke chuks and cripple my eyes ‘


  21. Nancy Wollenberg says:

    My husband Bob has been growing Carolina Reapers for the past 3 years in our garden. We pick them from Summer through the first frost. He dehydrates them in a dehydrater outside where we live in North Carolina because the one time he did it in the house it made our eyes burn and water. He ships them to family and friends in the US who want them.

  22. Xavier says:

    I tried two whole dried gohst peppers in school worst mistake ever i took two whole crates of milk and i stayed in the nurses office tje rest of the day 10/10 i want a Carolina reaper too

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