40 Uses for PepperHead Spices

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Pepper powder is so versatile, dare I say MORE versatile than Hot sauce?

Powder doesn’t go bad, its portable, shelf stable and a little goes a LONG way!

No longer are you stuck with the heat the manufacturer decides what is spicy. Use as little or as much as you can handle.

Here are 40 uses for super-hot pepper powder and spice uses. Some are pretty unique!

We’ve separated them into categories for easy browsing. If you had to summarize this list in four words, it would be; Put it on everything.

Culinary Uses

  1. Sprinkle on any food.
  2. Sweet and Spicy Peanuts
  3. DIY One Chip Challenge – Carolina Reaper Chip
  4. Spice up ANY Chips – Open a new bag of chips and sprinkle powder into bag. Close and shake lightly.
  5. Sprinkle Powder or Flakes on Pizza
  6. Mix into Dry Rub
  7. Add powder to any store bought seasonings or spices
  8. Sprinkled on Popcorn – Popcorn with a kick!
  9. Cooked into Chocolate – Sweet and Spicy goodness
  10. Add to caramel recipe – Spicy Chewy goodness
  11. Easy DIY Hot Sauce – Add powder to
  12. Add a teaspoon to a pot of Chili
  13. Marinate meat with a pinch of powder
  14. Make your own Chili Oil
  15. Hot Wings not hot enough? Add some reaper powder


  1. Add to your favorite Salad Dressing. If you’ve never had spicy ranch dressing, you’re missing out. Just put a teaspoon of Carolina Reaper powder in the jar and shake!
  2. Spicy Ketchup – Add powder to Ketchup
  3. Spicy Mayo – Add powder to Mayonase
  4. Pepper Jelly – Add our pre-made flakes to your pepper jelly for extra kick
  5. Spicy Omelet – Eggs were meant to be spicy
  6. Reaper Ice Cream – I might be crazy, but Carolina Reaper Powder is actually really good on vanilla ice cream!

Travel Uses

  1. Our jars are portable, bring it with you on the go.
  2. Leave a jar in the car
  3. Keep a jar at work
  4. Bring it on a plane. You can’t bring hot sauce on a plane! but you can bring our powder! kick up the heat on that boring airline food.

Medical/Health Uses

While these might not be direct uses of pepper powder, these are some of the benefits from eating spicy foods.

  1. Benefits the Digestive Tract
  2. Promotes a Healthy Heart
  3. Mitigates Migraines
  4. Relieves Joint Pain
  5. Improves Metabolism / Promotes Weight Loss
  6. Reduces Psoriasis
  7. Reduces Cancer Risk
  8. Fights the Flu, Colds and Fungal Infections
  9. Prevents Bad Breath
  10. Prevents Allergies

Miscellaneous Uses

  1. PepperHead powders make great gifts!
  2. Protect your bird feeder – birds have no capscaicin receptors so they feel no pain when eating peppers. Sprinkle some powder into your bird seed as a natural and safe way to keep squirrels and other rodents away.
  3. Cat Deterrent – Cats hate this stuff. Sprinkle anywhere you want to keep cats away from.
  4. Co-worker Food-Thief Deterrent – Coworkers also hate this stuff. Suspect someone eating your lunch? Douse it with powder. You will soon find the thief or at least stay far away from your food.
  5. Self Defense – Since we already told you this powder is portable and you already have a jar in your pocket at all times. Have an attacker? Pop the lid and chuck it in their face and RUN. DIY pepper spray.

What do you put pepper powder on?

We’ll add it to the list!

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2 thoughts on “40 Uses for PepperHead Spices

  1. DJ says:

    You can also just use it to prank your friends! just put some on their food when they aren’t looking! Or as a challenge! see who can down the biggest pile from their hand!

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