Top 10 World's Hottest Peppers

Hottest Pepper

The world’s hottest pepper is constantly changing, evolving almost.

It seems every year a new pepper is either created or discovered so check back often to see new record breaking peppers!

PepperHead® has the most up-to-date list of the World’s Hottest Peppers.

Here at PepperHead® we have been growing these “super hots” for over 20 years and have grown and eaten every pepper on this list.

We are dedicated to providing you spicy lovers with the ability to grow all of these insanely spicy peppers in your own backyards.

Without further ado, here is our Top 10 Hottest Pepper List.

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Top 10 Hottest Peppers In The World [2024 Update]

SHU = Scoville Heat Unit (A measure of Spiciness)
Pepper Scoville Scale displayed as Peak SHU Values

SHU is a way of quantifying how spicy a pepper is by measuring the concentration of capsaicinoids. Capsaicin is the chemical responsible for the spicy sensation within a pepper.

1. Pepper X 2,693,000 SHU

Pepper X is now the World’s hottest Pepper with an average of 2.69 Million Scoville Units and peaks over 3 Million SHU. Not much is known about this pepper since seeds have not been publicly released. So unfortunately you cannot taste or grow Pepper X yourself.

2. Carolina Reaper 2,200,000 SHU

The previous world champion, Carolina Reaper has been beat!  by itself… The Carolina Reaper is once again officially the Worlds Hottest Pepper.

Originally ranked as world’s hottest in 2013, the Reaper was tested again in 2018 with an even higher SHU. (71,000 SHU higher to be exact) This gives the reaper a renewed title as World’s Hottest!

It was bred for heat and that it is, with an average SHU of 1,641,000 SHU and peaks at 2.2 Million SHU!

Let’s put the scoville rating into perspective for you:

The Carolina Reaper pepper is 200x hotter than a Jalapeno #WorldsHottestPepper

Just looking at the pictures above, you know its one mean pepper. The Carolina Reaper has a unique stinger tail that is unlike any other pepper and every pod is different!

It gets this insane heat from being a cross between a Ghost Pepper and a Red Habanero. Oddly enough this pepper doesn’t just have heat, but excellent fruity flavor to boot. Well, that is before it melts your face off.

More Carolina Reaper Info


Watch these Chicks eat The Carolina Reaper

10 Even more Hilarious Videos of The Carolina Reaper Challenge


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You can now buy the reaper as powder, live plants or seeds so you can grow your own plant and try for yourself.

3. Trinidad Moruga Scorpion 2,009,231 SHU

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper

Straight from the depths of hell the Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend, AKA Moruga Scorpion, is a rare sought after pepper that was only just recently discovered.

Native to the lands of Moruga in Trinidad and Tobago. Once you take a bite of this formidable pepper the heat never stops building.

This pepper may be lacking the Reaper’s stinger, but don’t let that fool you. The Moruga Scorpion is every bit as hot as The Carolina Reaper.

More Moruga Scorpion Info


Watch Rhett & Link from Good Mythical Morning Eat the Moruga Scorpion

4. 7 Pot Douglah 1,853,936 SHU

7 Pot Douglah Pepper

Well renown in the pepper community as one of the hottest peppers with the best flavor.

The 7 Pot Douglah is the hottest pepper you can find that isn’t red.

The hottest “superhot” peppers are traditionally red, but the Douglah defies the odds by being brown AND scortching hot.

You can’t go wrong with fresh, dried, or powdered Douglah on any food.

Also known as 7 Pod Douglah, Chocolate 7 Pod or the 7 Pot Brown.

More Douglah Info

5. 7 Pot Primo 1,469,000 SHU

7 Pot Primo The 7 Pot Primo is very distinctive with its long skinny “tail”.

This pepper was created by horticulturist Troy Primeaux.

Some peppers cultivators have tried to replicate the Primo look by breeding their own peppers to have a long stinger.

When you just look at this pepper, you know it’s going to be INSANELY hot. It coincidentally looks strikingly similar to The Carolina Reaper…

More Primo Info

6. Trinidad Scorpion “Butch T” 1,463,700 SHU

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T

The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T is a previous Guinness World Record Holder (2011) from Australia.

No doubt it’s insanely hot, but other peppers have been proven to be hotter.

It’s aptly named due to the scorpion stinger found at the tip of the pepper and also the creator, Butch Taylor.

The burn from this pepper is unlike any other.

The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper burns like you swallowed a 1,000 suns.

More Butch T Info

7. Naga Viper 1,349,000 SHU

Naga ViperNaga Viper is an extremely rare pepper cultivated in the UK. Hybrid of many different peppers and years of cross pollination created this variety of “Super HOT” pepper.

It was never fully stabilized before being released so pod variation is expected.

More Naga Viper Info

8. Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) 1,041,427 SHU

Ghost Pepper The Ghost Pepper is the most famous “Super Hot” due to the amount of press it has received in the past.

It exploded in popularity on YouTube and other social sites where pepperheads ate whole Ghost Peppers as part of a challenge.

This is the first pepper to scientifically test over 1 million scovilles.

Many mistakenly believe the Ghost Pepper is still the World’s Hottest pepper, this list shows it is far from it.

This isn’t 2007. If you have friends that still think the Ghost Pepper is the hottest pepper, share this page with them.

However, don’t be fooled by how low this is on the list as it can still bring a grown man to his knees.

More Ghost Pepper Info


Kid swallows ghost pepper, instantly regrets it.

9. 7 Pot Barrackpore ~1,000,000 SHU

7 Pot Barrackpore

The 7 Pot Barrackpore is one of the hottest of the 7 Pot peppers.

This one is from the Town of Chaguanas in Trinidad and Tobago.

Many of these “super hots” come from this region.

More Barrackpore Info


10. Red Savina Habanero 500,000 SHU

Red Savina Habanero

Back in the early years of super hots, the Red Savina Habanero was KING!

It held the title of the World’s Hottest Pepper from 1994 to 2006. 12 Years!

The Red Savina has since been dethroned and many peppers have passed it in heat, but still to this day it is one of my favorite peppers to grow because it has the perfect balance of heat and flavor..

The Red Savina just barely makes the Top 10, but does so in fashion with its great flavor and extreme heat.

More Red Savina Info

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Honorable Mentions

Lets talk about some upcoming hybrid peppers that show promise. These two hot peppers will be added to the list once their validity has been confirmed.

Dragon’s Breath 2,483,584 SHU

There have been recent reports of a Dragon’s Breath pepper claiming to be hotter than the Carolina Reaper.

Preliminary testing of the Dragon’s Breath pepper pegs it at 2,483,584 SHU which would blow the Carolina Reaper out of the water.

It could be a publicity stunt in which the “news” websites ate up, even claiming Dragon’s Breath could kill you. Technically a pencil can kill you too…

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649 thoughts on “Top 10 World’s Hottest Peppers

  1. Mike says:

    Sorry but nothing on this list counts because each pepper is a genetically engineered hybridized miscegenated pepper.

    NOTHING on this list is found in nature.

    • Cybrus says:

      This might come as a shock to you but literally every modern day crop is a hybridized plant far different from anything that grew/grows in the wild and carefully developed over hundreds of years of agriculture. Naturally occuring is irrelevant to the fact that they ARE peppers, and they ARE hotter than any others. Otherwise the list would be “hottest NATURALLY occurring peppers in the world… of which there would a very different list… not even the jalapeno would make the technical cut.

    • Kiona says:

      Yes u are most likely right we genictly engineer a lot of everything. But they still will burn the ish outta someone with homemade pepper spray!

      • Tricia says:

        Great idea, pepper spray! I was planning to make a salve for arthritis from my neighbors very very hot Homegrown! Sadly she’s not sure what kind they are, BIT evidently caspascain (sp) occurs in pepper?

  2. Likeablizzard says:

    Just had some sliced bits from a Carolina reaper on lunch. It’s a slow burn that last a long time it gets hotter and sneaks up on you. But more flavorful than the ghost pepper

    Tried the ghost pepper last week. Less flavor than the reaper but it punches hard right when you bite into it and buns for a short while.

    I’ve been having heartburn and diarrhea for up to 3 days after eating these peppers l

    • Sergio Luis says:

      I ate Carolina Reaper and Ghost pepper just the same way as you did, but they were chocolate Ghost Peppers, I found the chocolate Ghost are a lot tastier than the Carolinas, but I didn’t try the regular red Ghost one, maybe the Carolinas are better tasteful, I don’t know, but I found Carolinas have a bitter after taste that Ghost peppers don’t, later I will try the red ones


    Visiting this site for the first time. Finding out if African Birds Eye chilli is grown by your company and how is it rated?
    Some of us adorn gardens with colourful chillies. Do you do germination testing and guarantee your chilli cultivars? Some of us in KZN province enjoy very hot chillies thus can we be assured that your chillies are hotter than any in South Africa? Lastly, how many seeds are you advertising for $60 (US), thus seeds per the pack?

  4. Elijah says:

    My brother ate almost every other pepper ️ that there is and he never knew about pepper X but yeah he wants to try the Carolina reaper!

    • Robert Lee Brown JR says:


    • Joel says:

      Capsaicin is the cause of what feels like heat after eating a hot pepper. It is hydrophobic and fat-soluble, meaning that other hydrophobic compounds can displace it and fat can dilute it. This is why milk is useful: hydrophobic casein to displace and milkfat to dilute. I’ve had the best luck with half and half. While there may be some displacement value from the gluten in bread, it’s probably not ideal.

      • NeCrom-X says:

        Yeah use something that spreads the oils out instead of dissolving them. Tequila or any 80 proof liquor will act like a solvent and remove it instead of spreading it around lmao

    • Sergio Luis says:

      It’s true, bread helps a lot, but I found that could milk is better!!! It instantly ceases the burning like magic (as long as you keep it inside your mouth), when you finally swallow it, the burn comes back, but halfway!!! So, it’s only a matter of be drinking more!!! Try it and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!!

  5. Danielle Dub says:

    Did you guys know that human beings are the only animal in the world that purposefully ingests spicy food? Other animals may stumble across something spicy and try it out of hunger but it’s not an active choice. No other animal actively seeks out anything spicy.

    I think this is a really interesting concept. I think about it a lot. Humans are following a construct. We go see horror movies to endure the scares..and then get entertainment from it. Is it the same with something as spicy as the peppers mentioned here? I’m sure there’s a thesis paper that could be written about this, lol

    • Nate says:

      Goats will eat hot peppers also, all day long and seem to like some but stay away from the super hot ones, so I’m not sure where you’re getting the info

      • Casper says:

        Birds cannot detect capsaicin. Since the seeds pass through a bird unscathed. Only animals that could chew up the seeds destroying their ability to germinate can detect the chemical. That’s why parrots eat what we call hot peppers.

  6. Antonio Trew says:

    I have a question and maybe someone has an explanation for..
    I recently ate a dried Carolina Reaper and found it seemed hotter than a hot sauce I ate a few years ago, so maybe it’s the years that is throwing me off lol..
    The dried Carolina Reaper hits the scales with around a a chili record breaking 2 Million SHUs

    The hot sauce was marketed as “THE END” and was advertised asthe hottest hot sauce in the world at the time I tried it…
    Unlike the pepper, it gets it’s heat from a mixture of Habaneros, Carolina Reapers,and Extract.. The outcome was a product that I had to sign a waiver before I could even try it, because of the 6 Million SHUs it produces.

  7. annagrace says:

    Great research, please add creams for rheumatism with capsaicin, more research on loosing weight, longevity and heart health, thanks

  8. Jason says:

    apparently y’all aint been to the middle east. Sivathei peppers are hotter than almost ALL of these save for the ghost and scorpion.

    • Steve says:

      Apparently you didn’t read this article. The ghost pepper is more than 1/2 the heat of a Carolina Reaper. So your so called hot pepper isn’t even hot.

  9. David B. says:

    Thanks, nice article. I’ve been getting into more of the hotter peppers lately and had to look up the hottest. Something I’m def going to get in the future. Again thanks.

  10. Ramesh v says:

    Naga bhut Assam India is officially declared the most spiciest chilli by scoville units, 1,041,000 Scoville units

  11. Rusty says:

    Hey guys , I’ve found the best cure for this yrs flu virus.
    A hot sauce made with heaps of garlic and the top 5 powdered chillies , mixed in with any tasteless food.
    Guarantee within 24-48 hrs ,it’s up and gone .

  12. Ryan says:

    I live in NC and currently have 2 Carolina reaper plants from Smokin’ Ed’s. Bought them from the Lowe’s 2 miles away. Also 2 ghost pepper and one GIANT habanero. Dehydrated some of the Habs, added some citric acid and msg. Very hot. I like to add sulfur powder to increase the heat. Planning on fermenting them this fall and making another hotsauce. Sold out last year but gave most away. This year I’m just going to ask for a $10 donation to charity (haven’t picked one out yet) proof then I’ll send them out. Just need a reaction video as well

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